Galt #8 Mine Historic Site Society Welcomes You!

Our society is a group dedicated to preserving the rich history of coal mining in Lethbridge and surrounding area. Our primary goal is to purchase the Galt # 8 Mine Site that closed in 1957 and convert it into an interactive interpretative and community centre focusing on the history of coal mining and the future of energy.

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Proposed Galt 8 Mine Development

Galt 8 Mine Site Development- Video

In this video and powerpoint presentation, Alvin Fritz, of Alvin Reinhard Fritz Architect Inc,. details the proposed development plans for the Galt #8 Mine Historic Site in West Lethbridge. There is great potential for a heritage site on this location.

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Galt 8 Mine underground

Underground Mine Model

One of our first projects involves the construction of a model of the underground workings at the Galt #8 Mine. Loosely based on the plans of the mine, it would provide an insight into the methods of work used and conditions endured by the Galt #8 miners.

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Galt 8 Mine Bus

Mine Bus Restoration

It was recovered in sections, and is currently awaiting reconstruction and rehabilitation, possibly to be used as a promotional vehicle and mobile exhibition.

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People of the Mines

BOOK: People of the Mines

The result of hours of interviews with miners and their families, this book provides a rare glimpse into the life and times of “Coal Banks” when it was the heart of industrial Alberta.

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