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The Galt #8 Mine Historic Site Society has completed or is proceeding with a number of projects meant to enhance the awareness of Lethbridge’s coal mining history.

Follow the links below to read about our completed projects:

Signage at historic mining sites in Lethbridge.

Our book project, “People of the Mines”, a history of the mines and miners of Lethbridge, told in their own words to students of the University of Lethbridge and compiled by Garry Allison.

Our scale model of the Galt #8 mine workings as they would have appeared in the early 1950’s.

and our future projects:

A model of the underground wokings at Galt #8 Mine.

Rebuilding the old mine workers bus.

And of course, our plans to purchase the mine site itself and convert it into a tourist interpretive centre, museum, and recreational space for local residents.

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